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2024 Documents

Reflecting Hope Funding Application

Please download the Word document 'Reflecting Hope Funding Application 2024'. Once completed please send your file to

To download the file please click on the picture above or copy the link below:

2023 Training Weekend Documents


The TRAINING page contains all the videos, podcasts and more information related to the Training Weekend. The presentations and other resources are available for download in the lists below.


Global TMI Resources


Presentations made at church events

Graphics & Docs

Reflecting Hope Logo

Different layouts of RH logo. Use as appropriate. Please check the Logo Package linked as .rar file, as it contains all formats (png, jpeg, svg, eps), sizes (4:3, 16:9, 1:1), fonts, colours, guide etc.

Sample SLIDES for presenters (Mac & PC)


Reflecting Hope Project Planner - Word file


Four books by Louis Torres

Louis Torres was the main trainer for Reflecting Hope training session (organised by the British Union Conference between 18 and 21 January 2023). 

Videos and other resources are available here.


Training Session Videos

RH Training

Digital Missionary App, presented by Gideon Pelser from AWR (Adventist World Radio).

RH Training

Your Brain, Your Body. Presented by Adventist neuroscientist Jan Cabungcal, Ph.D. (Adventist World Radio).

RH Overview

Similar to presentation for Executive Committee. Presented on Zoom by pastor Christian Salcianu, ADC director (Adventist Discovery Centre).