June 14, 2024

A Dream About the End Times

Over the centuries, history has proved the accuracy of a specific Bible prophecy. Like a countdown of the world empires. Its final fulfilment is going to take place soon. Want to know more?
June 11, 2024

The Designer’s Signature in our DNA

Looking at the mind-blowing complexity of DNA and the fact that the information had to precede the biological reality, there must be a Designer.
June 10, 2024

Can We Trust the Bible?

The Bible is the best-selling book in history, and there are countless testimonies as to how reading it has changed people’s lives for the better.
June 9, 2024

The Way, the Truth and the Life

Many people look upon God with fear; they think of Him as severe and unforgiving. Jesus came to remove this dark shadow, by revealing to the world the infinite love of God.
June 8, 2024

Do You Need Prayer?

Praying is a serious matter, but not a sad, torturous one. It’s not a question of great words, but rather of inner attitude. Do you want to know more about it?
June 7, 2024

If God Exists Why Do We Suffer?

There are no easy answers to these difficult questions. But there is a perspective worth considering. A bit of backstory might be helpful when we deal with questions of suffering.
May 23, 2024

Seeing Evidence for Intelligent Design

The complexity of eyes points to a super-intelligent designer Who created them. According to the Bible, everything came into being by the actions of a super-intelligent Creator.
May 22, 2024

The Journey from Despair to Hope

Every journey has to start somewhere, and if you start in the right place, you have a much better chance of finding what you are looking for. If you want meaning in your life, then...
May 20, 2024

A Call for Love and Sacrifice

To love our neighbours more than we love ourselves is no simple answer. Indeed, it is possibly one of the most complex solutions ever shared.
May 20, 2024

Living in the Age of Crises

I rarely feel encouraged after watching the news. Seeing all this trouble, why would you ever bother getting up in the morning? I’ll tell you why.
May 17, 2024

Ever Heard About Grace?

I often think: How can God love me? But somehow God manages to see through all the murkiness in my life and God finds something in me that is worthy of love.
May 12, 2024

Forgiveness Heals

Learning to forgive the people who caused me harm has been a painful and challenging journey. Yet what God taught me in the process has been priceless, so I published...
May 10, 2024

The Essence Of The Gospel

Please note the first word God chooses when introducing Himself. That one word is so filled with good news for us that in effect it is the Gospel.
May 9, 2024

The Rest Of Your Life

The Greek philosopher Socrates said, ‘Beware the barrenness of a busy life.’ But how do we create a space for meaningful rest, rejuvenation and restoration?
May 8, 2024

Seeing Into The Future

Instead of turning to popular fortune tellers, mystics, and false prophets, people would do well to consult the Person who definitely knows the future.
May 8, 2024

Cosmic Roulette vs God

The secular story of life has no God. It has no intelligent designer, no-one with an eye on an intended outcome, just time + chance. It sounds incredibly improbable . . .
May 7, 2024

Is God Bothered About Me?

I’ve discovered in my life that God actually is bothered – contrary to what may seem logical at first glance! So, why on earth would I have come to that conclusion?
May 2, 2024

10 Reasons to Read the Bible

When I opened the Bible for the first time, I didn’t know anything about it. Some decades later, I’m still reading it. This book (or, rather, its Author) knows all about me!
March 2, 2024

The Captain’s story

Imagine the story of Easter being told by the centurion who led the Roman soldiers. Indeed, that army officer played an important role during one of the most significant events in Jesus’ life.In his own words . . .
November 26, 2023

The Innkeeper’s story

This is the account of the Innkeeper in Bethlehem, Judea, whose story chronicles the most impactful experience of his life. In his own words . . .
March 17, 2023

Reflecting on Hope

Here’s a task for you: try to think of a famous song that has the word ‘hope’ in its title or in the chorus – one that was played on the radio recently; one that runs in a commercial ad; one that just about everybody knows.
March 9, 2023

The ‘Permacrisis’ and Hope

When I see global challenges and my own personal challenges through ‘His eyes’, I begin to see things in a different context.
March 9, 2023

Anxiety — Excess Future

Some say that anxiety is excess future, depression is excess past, and stress is excess present. Now imagine someone who has an excess of all of these! Laura was that person.
February 23, 2023

Making Hope Visible

It is hope that enables one to keep going in the face of difficult circumstances; it is having an expectancy of a better tomorrow, regardless of the current outlook.
February 23, 2023

Health — Is All in Your Head

Each person can control their thoughts and direct their will. With the exception of instinctive reactions or repeated actions in our habits, what we do has its origin in our thoughts.
February 23, 2023

Hope After Death

When death take what matters most to us, we go through a storm of emotions. Pain, anger, regret, questions, anxiety, and often unbearable emotional trauma. We ache for genuine comfort. Yet even though we stumble through this maze, there is hope.
February 22, 2023

Twelve Years of Hope

I’m sick of being sick. I’m tired of being tired. Will I ever have a social life again? I need to go and find...
February 22, 2023

Hope for Physical Health

Having a healthy, colourful plant-based diet; getting out and exercising in the fresh air and sunshine daily; drinking enough water, and sleeping well, can do more for you than any doctor on the planet.