Tracts (literature)

Hope — for a better life!

Four books on hope

A tract is a short article expressing a strong opinion on a religious, moral, or political subject in order to try to influence people's attitudes.

Overcoming depression, anxiety, guilt and stress

What should we do when illness is not located in one specific part of the body? The Power of Hope focuses on how to overcome depression, anxiety, guilt and stress in the modern world. 

The authors teach how one can experience a meaningful, successful life by discovering the answers to a path of peace, restoration, and healing.

How to thrive in troubled time, in a shattered world

Fear is an emotion. Faith is an attitude, and focus is a choice. Fear must give way to faith as we adjust our focus. 

Discover with Pastor Mark Finley as he shows us that we have One who is larger than our fears, bigger than our worries, and greater than our anxieties by our side.

Essential skills for successful family relations

The stresses of modern life make healthy relationships more difficult to achieve and sustain.

The ideas and solutions of this book will help you build strong relationships with those around you; give you new skills to help build your children’s characters; share time-proven principles that will facilitate a meaningful and happy life.

The cosmic conflict between 'good' and 'evil' 

Three celestial heralds come to planet Earth, as depicted in Revelation 14. Could these angels be sharing the hope that the world so desperately needs? 

Clifford Goldstein explains the meaning of the three angels’ messages. Stories spread throughout the book provide encouragement and offer hope for the future.