Reflecting Hope: Inverness

24 — 27 May 2023



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Inspired by the story of a Scottish man, Philip Ainslie Reekie, five pastors, one from the USA and four from Scotland, will set out in May to cover hundreds of miles by bicycle to bring encouragement and hope to people in the Scottish Highlands & Islands region.


Philip Ainslie Reekie was born in Scotland in 1846. In 1888, widowed and divorced, Philip Reekie emigrated from Scotland to Australia, looking for a new life. In 1889, he stumbled on some Christian literature and discovered the amazing truths of the Bible. This changed the course of his life.
 He left his work as an engraver because he wanted God’s Word to be engraved upon hearts. On dusty outback roads, through dry monotonous terrain, and under a merciless hot Australian sun, Philip rode a bicycle many miles, distributing hope-filled Christian literature.
Fast-forward from 1896 to the present day, there are over 20,000 lives that have been transformed because of one man's desire to simply share hope.
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